On Campus: Plans for the Transformation Garden at Auburn University

Transformation Garden at Auburn University

The agricultural sciences impact our lives in many different ways. From the food on our table, to the ethanol in our gas, to the coconut oil in our shampoo, the goods we plant matter deeply. It looks like Auburn students can eventually expect a new place to grow their knowledge: the Transformation Garden at Auburn University.

More on the Transformation Garden at Auburn University

Auburn University has a blooming agricultural sciences program. In the future, students will have another resource as they pursue their degrees—the Transformation Garden at Auburn University.

Growing fruits and vegetables is a given, but of course, it has deeper roots than that! In fact, this new spot will offer a place for students and faculty to research different components of the growing process. It may even create the foundation for new knowledge, techniques, and more!

The program also has a few specific areas of study in mind. They range from plant growth, to irrigation, to medicinal plants. It will also teach students about urban and hydroponic, or soil-free and water-based, farming. The sky’s the limit!

The building process

Of course, we still have some time to wait before the first harvest. The building process remains in progress. Both Architecture Works of Birmingham and Auburn University’s College of Agriculture will collaborate on this project.

In total, it will cost around $4.1 million. As for the timeline, it will be developed in multiple phases over the next few years.

When it’s complete, you’ll be able to find the Transformation Garden in the 16-acre lot connecting Woodfield Drive and Lem Morrison Drive.

The benefits

The Transformation Garden will teach a new generation of students how to reach new agricultural heights. That’s not all though!

Those behind the plans are optimistic that the produce grown can feed students in the dining halls. That means cheaper, fresher produce. Yum!

This isn’t the first time that endeavor has worked out, either. A similar project has been successful with fish.

And, the project also comes with extra improvements, like a road extension, additional sidewalks, and bike lanes. Not to mention, the cost of materials and labor will spur our local economy.


Now you know! The Tigers are plotting to grow the Transformation Garden at Auburn University. We can’t wait to see what results will sprout.

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