In the News: New Restaurant featured on Shark Tank Is Coming to Auburn

new restaurant featured on Shark Tank is coming to Auburn

If you are a fan of the hit reality TV show “Shark Tank,” you may already know this juicy tidbit of recent news. Word is out that a new restaurant featured on Shark Tank is coming to Auburn.

About the upcoming restaurant

According to reports, a new restaurant featured on Shark Tank is coming to Auburn soon. While no opening date has been given yet, we do know construction is underway at a space off Opelika Road, next to Well Red.

The future restaurant, Cupbop, was featured on Shark Tank in season 13 in 2022. Founders Jung Song and Dok Kwon received backing from one of the investors after sharing more about their one-of-a-kind Korean-style dishes served in a cup with a side of fun.

More specifically, the restaurant serves bowls of Korean cuisine, featuring meats, rice, noodles, vegetables and sauces. Guests pick a protein and spicy level. Then they can mix it all together and experience an explosion of flavor like never before.

The menu

We may not know if the menu in Auburn will be exactly like the online menu, but a foodie can dream. There are choices such as “Rock Bop,” described as “Korean-style tangy fried chicken,” and “B Bop,” which is Korean-style beef barbecue, for example.

But what takes these dishes to “a steaming cup of wow” are the sauces that are numbered from 1, for sweet, to 10, for heat. According to the website, the most popular level of sweet heat is actually 7.5.

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Not only is it good news that the new restaurant featured on Shark Tank is coming to Auburn, but also it will be located right down the street from Summer Brooke Apartment Homes! Located at 203 Opelika Road, it’s less than half a mile from us.

That means once the doors open, you can be enjoying a cup of spicy Korean barbecue after about a two-minute drive or a 10-minute walk.


You may have to wait for mouthwatering, healthy bowls of Korean food, but you can get busy cooking your favorite fall comfort food in your Summer Brooke kitchen now! Not a resident? Contact us to ask about availability. Meanwhile, dig into our blogs for more community news and events.