In the News: City Asks for Student Designs for its Gateways to Auburn Project

Gateways to Auburn Project

What first comes to mind when you think of the city of Auburn? A range of things, for sure. What about when you’re driving into town? The Gateways to Auburn Project seeks to answer that question. The city of Auburn is calling for proposals from Auburn University students to design all-new gateways into Auburn.

Designing for a Destination

Unsurprisingly, the city of Auburn is tied to Auburn University. It is recognized primarily as the University’s hometown. However, the 65,000-person city continually sees growth outside the halls of academia.

To address this, the city of Auburn seeks an exploration of Auburn’s character. For city officials, visual cues should serve to higlight the the uniqueness of the “Loveliest Village.” This is what the Gateways to Auburn Project intends to deliver. The city of Auburn has requested that Auburn University students submit designs that embody the sense of what it means to arrive in Auburn.

Facing Forward

For the Gateways to Auburn Project, students will be vying for a foothold in Auburn’s future. Winning designs may guide the vision for what will eventually become the city of Auburn’s gateways. Both graduate and undergraduate students are invited to submit proposals for review.

A multi-departmental committee will assess submissions based on three main categories of criteria. These include the feasibility of the design scheme, its adherence to guidelines, and its effectiveness in portraying Auburn’s visual identity.

Guidelines for the Gateways to Auburn Project include: emphasis on driver’s perspective, adaptable to multiple locations, City logo provision, focus on sustainable materials, and an exclusion of water features.

The deadline for designs is April 24 at 4 p.m. The winner will be announced before May 31.


Auburn’s beauty lies within its community. Arriving in Auburn is something special; let’s hope these designs do it justice.

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