On Campus: New Soil Research Buildings at Auburn University

new soil research buildings at Auburn University

After years of work, ground has finally broken for the new soil research buildings at Auburn University. These new buildings will be for current research efforts to make our environment and communities a cleaner and healthier place.

About the National Soil Dynamics Laboratory

Auburn University’s College of Agriculture was joined by the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s ARS (Agricultural Research Service), for the groundbreaking ceremony for its new soil research facility that will house the National Soil Dynamics Laboratory.

The new soil research buildings at Auburn University will include four new buildings. Two buildings are at the Auburn Research Park, and two more are being constructed on a site near campus.

ARS acting administrator Simon Liu told reports, “With these new buildings and the continuing cooperation with our research partners at Auburn University, we believe that the National Soil Dynamics Laboratory will continue to have a substantial positive impact on agriculture all over the world.”

National Soil Dynamics Laboratory’s future research

These new soil research buildings at Auburn University will house multiple research groups. Including the study of conservation cropping systems, environmentally sound animal waste management and global climate change.

Although there is no limit on research. Other research efforts will include poultry production practices, cotton disease control, improved forage production and the use of biochar in agriculture.

Allen Torbert, supervisory soil scientist and research leader for the National Soil Dynamics Laboratory, states that “the National Soil Dynamics Laboratory and Auburn University scientists are national leaders in the development of economical and environmentally sound crop management systems for production agriculture in the Southeast and are leading the way in the new national focus on soil and water quality to maintain the productivity of our nation’s farms.”


Consequently, with these new soil research buildings at Auburn University and the future research that will emerge, we too believe these scientists are paving the way for a better quality of life.

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