7 Things to Do At Summer Brooke Apartment Homes

Things to Do At Summer Brooke Apartment Homes

Wondering what to do at home? You’re definitely not alone. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of things to do at Summer Brooke Apartment Homes. Let’s look at some ways to spend your extra time at Summer Brooke!

Take to the court.

With newfound time on your hands, you can perfect your serve—in tennis or volleyball. You can even practice your technique with some drills on our tennis or volleyball courts. Serve it up, spike it down, switch up hands—it’s up to you!

Go through your closet.

Time at home can be a blessing. With spring, comes spring cleaning, and that includes closets. Have an old pair of shoes or two? How about a shirt that’s seen better days? Search for things that might be a little worse for the wear or that you know you won’t wear anymore. These items can be donated to those in need, and can even be used on your taxes a year from now.

Spruce up your patio.

When looking for things to do at Summer Brooke Apartment Homes, you can think outside the home. Perk up your patio with a good sweep and dust through. Especially this time of year with pollen setting in. This can help clear up your sniffles and sneezing fits as you sit back and relax later on.

Catch up on TV time.

Some things are slowing down, which means you can take some extra time for yourself. Binge watch a new show or enjoy a favorite flick, courtesy of our basic extended cable package. Your inner couch potato is calling, we know it!

Enjoy a picnic lunch.

The weather’s warming—and that’s perfect picnic time. Make a couple sandwiches, bring along some snacks and maybe even a blanket, and head to our beautiful picnic area. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and get some much-needed fresh air.

Take a Dip

Our pool isn’t open for the season yet, but keep it in mind for some summer fun! You’re not far from a quick cool-off at the Summer Brooke pool.

Visit our Dog Park—Coming Soon!

We are in the process of building a dog park for our residents—two- and four-legged. Just make sure you maintain a safe distance from others!


Fortunately, things to do at Summer Brooke Apartment Homes aren’t in short supply. We’re lucky to live at Summer Brooke, where activities—indoors and outdoors—are in abundance.

Even when seemingly isolated, a strong community rests at the heart of a good home. Come join ours at Summer Brooke. You can view our amenities, photos of the complex, and more on our website. Need some light reading material? Local spotlights, updates, and even trivia tidbits are available on our blog!