In the News: The Auburn 2040 Plan

Auburn 2040 Plan

As we sit safely in our homes, we can’t help but imagine what excitement the future holds. New spots to dine, new friends, and new technology—the world will change over the next 20 years. Well, Auburn is working to ensure a brighter future for all of its residents. After making plans for 2000 and 2020, our town has now started to work on the Auburn 2040 Plan. Learn more about how this idea will impact our amazing city—and for the better!

What is the Auburn 2040 Plan?

The first step to improving the world is creating a plan of action. The Auburn 2040 will help members of our community talk about courses of action that will benefit our town over the next 20 years. Together, members of our city will sit down, work together, and brainstorm ideas to help all Auburn residents. They’ll research their findings and then discuss them together to create a great foundation for what our town will turn into over the next two decades. We can’t wait to hear what they come up with!

What does the Auburn 2040 Plan cover?

The Auburn 2040 Plan covers a total of eight different categories, each of them designed to help improve our already wonderful town. Each category is run by three team captains—and the planning has just begun. Starting on April 18, the teams officially started their work.

As for the categories, they are:

  • Family and community;
  • Utilities, environment, and technology;
  • Education;
  • Growth and development;
  • Public safety;
  • Citizen engagement;
  • Intergovernmental; and
  • Transportation.

Can I join in the planning?

The registration date to join the Auburn 2040 Plan teams closed last month; however, you will still have opportunities to offer input! To get updates, sign up for the Auburn 2040 eNotifier and follow @CityofAuburnAL on social media. In the meantime, you can always think of small ways to make Auburn better, like supporting your neighbors and supporting local businesses. And who knows—maybe you can even help make the 2060 plan in 20 years!


The Auburn 2040 Plan shows that a bit of preparation and hard work can help us all have a brighter future. If you’re thinking of making an improvement to your life, why not start with where you live? Summer Brooke is the home of comfortable, affordable apartments in Auburn—and we’d love to welcome you. You can even apply online, so visit our website today! Finally, for more on local news, spotlights, events, and more, check out our blog.