Coming Soon: Bitty & Beau’s in Auburn

Bitty & Beau's in Auburn

The word is out that something special is percolating for coffee connoisseurs in town. A Wilmington, NC-based coffee shop is planning to open a storefront in downtown Auburn. Bitty & Beau’s in Auburn plans to open later this year!

Bitty & Beau’s Coffee

The slogan says it all: “It’s more than a cup of coffee.” Founded by husband and wife Ben and Amy Wright in January 2016, the idea behind the coffee shop is close to home. Parents of four, the last two of their children have Down syndrome. Under Our Story on the company website, the Wrights share that this makes them the luckiest parents out there.

Dedicated to changing the way others value, include and accept individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the couple opened Beau’s Coffee in early 2016 in a 500 square-foot space. It was run by 19 employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In July 2016, Beau celebrated his 12th birthday and made a wish.

He wished his little sister could have her name in lights too. Hence, Bitty & Beau’s Coffee was born. It expanded more than its name at that time and moved to a 5,000 square-foot building.

More than a Cup of Coffee

The belief that if you value people, accepting them comes naturally, is core to this coffee company. Thus, they provide jobs and purpose to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For now, that totals 120 employees with disabilities.

Not so Itty Bitty

While the coffee is delicious and unique, it’s the people that make the place. Bitty & Beau’s quickly expanded and opened a second location in Charleston, SC, in February 2018. This was followed by two more locations in Savannah, GA, and Annapolis, MD.

Three years later, and this coffee shop with a heart-warming mission is brewing. Announced earlier this month on the Facebook page, the store will open eight franchise locations across the county in 2021. Bitty & Beau’s in Auburn is on the list!

Other upcoming locations included cities such as Athens, GA; Winston-Salem, NC; Bethlehem, PA; and Washington, D.C.

Stay Tuned

In a recent article in the Opelika-Auburn News, Amy said the local Auburn shop will employ about 20 people with disabilities. With no specific location or opening date announced for Bitty & Beau’s in Auburn, stay up-to-date by liking them on Facebook or following them on Instagram.


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