New Business Spotlight: Boonie Hat Coffee

Boonie Hat Coffee

We’ve heard that some people out there can function fine without a cup of joe. Most of us, though, need that caffeine to get through the day. Fortunately, you can get your fix at Boonie Hat Coffee, a new business sitting in Opelika’s Market Street Paint Shop. And with all their delicious flavors, we bet you’ll come back again and again.

More on Boonie Hat Coffee

Sweet. Smooth. Spectacular. With beans roasted in-store and brews made with care, Boonie Hat Coffee brings the best caffeine to town. Run by a veteran, Luis Saavedra, the shop comes from a love of coffee—and also a popcorn popper!

Yes, you read that correctly! Saavedra learned about smooth roasting techniques through YouTube. Those methods included using a popcorn popper. As it turns out, hot air beds—like the ones from poppers—make all the difference.

Opened this past May, Boonie Hat Coffee uses that strategy—with a little tweak. Now, they roast their small, high-quality batches in a hot metal drum.

About the name

Boonie Hat Coffee’s name honors the service that many veterans, like Saavedra, have given to our country. Simple, humble, and floppy-rimmed, the boonie hat is one traditionally worn by military persons in hot climates to block the sun. And now, it appears proudly on the Boonie Hat Coffee shop logo!

What can I order?

We all like to take our coffee in different ways! Even if you want to go noncaffeinated, you can pick your favorite from options like:

  • Lattes;
  • Frappes;
  • Hot chocolate;
  • Drip coffee;
  • Smoothies;
  • Herbal tea;
  • Pour-overs;
  • And more.

See the menu here.

You can also bring the flavors home. Boonie Hat Coffee sells both whole bean and ground coffee. They also offer something special: K-Cups with their own signature coffee.

Visiting Details

Head inside the Market Street Paint Shop for a unique coffee experience. You’ll find Boonie Hat Coffee there at 116 South Eighth St., Suite 101. Their hours run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Prefer to wait in the car? They also let you order for curbside delivery online!


This summer, you can make a difference by showing up and supporting a brand-new local business! And you won’t come home empty-handed either. From K-Cups to frappes, you can look forward to delicious coffee whenever you need a boost. So, check out Boonie Hat Coffee—and tell your friends!

Imagine the perfect morning: roasting Boonie Hat brews in your Summer Brooke kitchen. Want to learn more about our apartments? View our floor plans and application info here. Plus, to find out more about local news and businesses, check out our blog.