In the News: Public Art in Downtown Auburn

public art in downtown Auburn

A trip downtown lets any visitor to the Plains know we are a developing, building and expanding city. But would they know that the city’s name comes from a poem, for example? City officials are reviewing a proposal to add more public art in downtown Auburn, which could add more creative insight to the city.

Early Stages

According to reports, the city is in the early stages of discussion, review and approval to establish legal guidelines for public art in downtown Auburn. The idea was first brought to the table several years ago. It is a part of the 2020 strategic plan. However, art has not been a focus so far—hence, the urge to bring it back up.

Part of the proposal includes the creation of the Auburn Public Art Commission. The commission would be charged with identifying various spaces for murals. The commission would meet with various artists and business owners to find a balance of what each would want in a piece.

Then the job would be advertised to potential artists. Business owners would then be presented with official proposals detailing the project. The selected design and artist will then add local color to downtown!

Benefits to Public Art

First of all, personality! Public art is what it sounds like: art in any media whose meaning, form and function are created for the people, by the people. It represents the general population and common themes. Those could be anything from city history to traditions, lore and more.

Second, in a selfie-driven culture, public art in downtown Auburn can add that extra pop. Say cheese in the middle of golden eagle wings, or look like you are making lemonade. The possibilities are endless and full of fun!

Last but not least, the city can set a new goal. Who wants to make USA Today’s 10 Best List for Street Art? Check it out for winning examples! Bring on the tourists.


While the road to more public art in downtown Auburn is being paved, considered taking that well-known Auburn road—Opelika Road—all the way to Summer Brooke Apartment Homes. Creativity can comfortably blossom all year at Summer Brooke.

Close to downtown, the university and good barbeque (Auburn staple Byron’s Smokehouse is across the street!), we’ve got the essentials. Keep reading our blogs for more cool community news, things to do and things to look forward to!